Indoor Air Quality – Testing For Mold

The health effects of poor indoor air quality are dependent upon several factors including the type of contaminant, concentration, duration of exposure, and individual susceptibility. Indoor air quality can be compromised by a number of contaminants including mold. Assessing the status of Indoor Air Quality The status of indoor air quality is assessed by measuring the levels of contaminants indoors. These Contaminants include: 1. Biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, … [Read more...]

Stachybotrys – The Black Mold Demystified

Since the 1993-1994 unusual outbreak of pulmonary hemorrhage (lung breeding) in infants in Cleveland, Ohio, that was then thought to be due to  exposure to Stachybotrys, the health effects associated with this mold have remained controversial. Frequently referred to as the Black Mold by the general public, Stachybotrys has probably caused more economic and psychological agony than ill-health. The mold has resulted in multimillion dollar remediations and litigations. Stachybotrys was first … [Read more...]

Health Effects of Mold

All molds are potentially a health hazard. While majority of common molds are not a concern to individuals who are healthy, the health effects of most of the indoor molds are not known. Some symptoms associated with mold exposure are also highly controversial. Health effects of mold include: 1. infection; 2. allergic reactions (i.e., allergy); 3. mycotoxin poisoning.  Infection Infection of healthy individuals by indoor molds is very rare. Occasionally, however, immunocompromised … [Read more...]

Black Mold Symptoms Explained

The phrase "black mold symptoms" is one of the most searched phrases regarding health effects of mold. The general public believes that black mold is dangerous. However, the term "black mold" does not refer to a specific type of mold. Similarly there are no symptoms specific to "black mold". A number of molds that grow indoors may appear black. Generally all molds regardless of their color are potentially a health hazard if allowed to grow indoors. Symptoms of Mold Exposure The term "black … [Read more...]