Legionella Training Course

Legionella Training Course – MBL has developed a practical Legionella training course specifically for those involved in the management and control of Legionella including health and safety managers, engineers, building and facilities managers, and water treatment professionals.

The Legionella training course examines a range of Legionella related issues including:

  • Legionella as an emerging bacterial pathogen of concern
  • Legionella: Terms, Definitions and General Facts.
  • History of Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Potable Water Systems & Methods of Disinfection.
  • Cooling Towers: Water Treatment & Legionella
  • Legionella risk assessments.
  • Legionella Sampling and Testing.
  • Legionella: practical implementation of a structured risk management system.

Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories also provides testing services for Legionella.